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Nick Foles Diary: Wisdom From Other QBs


Being in the Pro Bowl is a great honor. It's something you dream about as a kid and to be here is a great opportunity. At the same time, it still stings that we aren't playing as a team. Losing to the Saints remains a sore point with me, because we all wanted to keep our season going. Catching up with the rest of our Pro Bowl players, it's obvious everyone feels the same way.

But I'm here now and I'm going to enjoy the experience. We arrived in Hawaii on Tuesday and had a community event and then the Pro Bowl draft on Wednesday. I didn't care where or when I was drafted. This is an experience to really enjoy, and I'm going to do that.

I brought G.J. Kinne as my guest. He's a great friend and I wanted to share the experience with him. He's been a great teammate and a great friend. He lived with me during the season, and I felt like he would really enjoy the time here.

Since our season ended, I've been back home in Texas, enjoying time with my family. It's been good. I've seen a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time, and it's been great catching up with everyone. There are a lot of Eagles fans at home, and they've been extremely supportive of me ever since I was a little kid.

I have been working out and getting my body back into it. It's obviously a totally different way of training, but I feel good mentally and physically.

My objective this week is to soak in everything and enjoy the moment. It's a blessing to be here. There are so many great players and coaches here and I want to develop those relationships. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of the veteran quarterbacks here and absorb what they say to me and enjoy the friendships. They've accomplished a lot, so I'm going to pick their brains and see how they prepare. It gives you more wisdom when you learn from others. I'll be around the quarterbacks the most, so I willl be a sponge. On Sunday, when the game rolls around, I'm going to go out and play and have fun.

Off the field, we spent Wednesday morning at Schofield Army Barracks working on a Wounded Warrior Mural project, and those are the real heroes. It's humbling to be here, to see the men and women who serve our country. I'm really thankful to get a chance to shake their hands and thank them for their service.

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