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News And Notes: Togafau Saves The Day


Tuesday's practice times: 8:15 AM and 2:45 PM (10/10/10)


At Jim Johnson's press conference Monday morning, the defensive coordinator said he likes how defensive end Jerome McDougle has been playing through the first preseason game at Pittsburgh. "I've said it before that I think this is a big year for Mac. I think he's taken advantage of it right now," said Johnson. "He'll play a lot this week again. We'll just see how he continues to progress. At the least, I saw a guy who was getting upfield and getting after the passer."

After rehabbing a tricep injury during the 2007 season, Jerome took up boxing as an alternative training method. Working one-on-one with an instructor in South Florida, McDougle found it was a great way to work on his fast twitch muscles in both his upper and lower body. "As a defensive end, you're always using your hands to try to get around guys, so it really helped with my hand speed and my arm strength. It was also tough on your lower body and a great cardiovascular workout." In 2005, McDougle took up mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu as alternative training methods.


The temperature at this morning's practice was more like that of a November night game than a day in August. While the 54-degree low for this morning was close, it did not quite reach the record low for August 11th of 47 degrees, set in 1972.

Additionally, this morning's practice was cut short due to rain and lightning. However, nobody got wet or was in any danger due to a $300 piece of equipment used by the Eagles staff. Called the Guardian Angel, the device is a lightning detector used by video director Mike Dougherty who films practice in a metal lift 100 feet above ground. The detector tracks lightning in a 20-mile radius and, when it reports strikes within 3 miles, Dougherty and his crew, without hesitation, lower their video lifts and practice is suspended until the storm clears. No coach, player, or staff member has ever questioned its accuracy. Practice was suspended this morning and, with all players and coaches safely inside, the storm rolled in moments later.


At this morning's practice, linebacker Pago Togafau saved a touchdown when he broke up a pass intended for wide receiver Bam Childress. With the defense blitzing on the play, the middle of the field was wide open as quarterback A.J. Feeley looked for the touchdown from the 10-yard line. Togafau ran across the middle and broke up the play with an all-out dive.

In high school, Pago was a teammate of Eagles offensive tackle Winston Justice and wide receiver DeSean Jackson to go with first-team all-league, All-Press Telegram and All-CIF selection honors at Long Beach Poly HS, one of the nation's premier prep programs.

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