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News And Notes: Action Jackson


Monday's practice times: 8:15 AM and 2:00 PM (special teams)
Monday's autograph session: Defensive line


Former NFL coach and current NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci visited Eagles training camp today to conduct an interview with head coach Andy Reid. The two became friends back in 1995 when they shared an office in Green Bay. Mariucci, the quarterbacks coach, and Reid, the tight ends coach, worked in a space that Mariucci describes as "no bigger than a large closet."

After the interview, Mariucci lightheartedly joked around saying, "It was painful because not only did we have to share an office for the coaches, but we had our players in there all the time, too. I had the quarterbacks and he had the tight ends, so we're talking about Favre and those guys and 'Chewy' (former Green Bay TE Mark Chmura) – it was like Barnum and Bailey in there."


WR DeSean Jackson made a leaping one-handed touchdown catch in full-team red zone drills this morning. Lining up at right wideout, Jackson ran to the back corner of the end zone where QB Donovan McNabb hit him over the shoulder, showing excellent touch on the pass. Jackson made the 20-yard TD grab despite being blanketed by CB Joselio Hanson.

Prior to being taken 49th overall in the 2008 NFL Draft, Jackson was mentored by WR Jerry Rice.

"He emphasized to me the importance of my life off the field as much as he did on the field. He told me to work to leave a great impression on everybody and to work as hard as I can."


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