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Morning Roundup: Tuesday's A Pivotal Day At Eagles Camp

  • Good morning, everyone. You'll want to join us at 9:15 a.m. for live coverage from Eagles Training Camp as there will be tackling sessions during today's practice. Following practice at 11:45 a.m., defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz highlights who stood out on the first day of live hitting. Until then, get caught up in our Morning Roundup presented by Microsoft.

1. Seven Storylines Set To Develop

Dave Spadaro's latest On the Inside column features the top seven things to watch today at practice that don't involve No. 11. He leads off with the other players returning from injury who will face significant contact for the first time.

Everybody is encouraged with the progress made by veterans like linebacker Jordan Hicks and left tackle Jason Peters and, yes, quarterback Carson Wentz. Seeing those players, along with running back Darren Sproles, on the field last week was truly exciting. Now comes the next step, and it's a big one. Peters now can finish off his blocks in the running game. He's got to take his tempo up a notch in pass protection with at least a portion of practice "live." Same with Hicks. The coaching staff will get a realistic look at Hicks as he sheds blockers and gets to the football and makes tackles.

When the action is live, the tempo ratchets up a notch. And so a player like Hicks, who has been pleased with his progress coming back from an Achilles tendon injury, has to take his game up in tempo and intensity. This is all going to be very telling as the Eagles turn the corner this week and really have a chance to evaluate the roster. What's happened since the spring – all of those Organized Team Activities and the mandatory minicamp – and the four practices in Training Camp, two in pads, lead up to live contact this week.

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders recently filmed their intro shoot for the 2018 season. Before the video debuts when the Eagles take on the Jets this preseason, check out some behind-the-scenes photos from filming!

2. We Don't Deserve Darren Sproles

Look, we've been impressed by how good Wentz, Peters, and Hicks look early on in Training Camp. But it's just ridiculous that Sproles, who is 35, remains the quickest back on the team despite coming off an ACL injury. You take for granted watching him with what he had to overcome. There's Sproles blazing down the field again. There's Sproles cutting on a dime. Amazing.

Graham Foley wrote how Sproles wouldn't want people to look at him any other way.

"Everyone's been saying that I really look good," Sproles said. "That's the way I wanted it. I didn't want to come back and it be like I lost a step, or didn't have the same quickness."


3. The Easternmost Eagles Pub In The Country

Here's a little backstory to a piece Graham Foley wrote on Cohill's Inn, the Easternmost Eagles Pub in the Country.

Our photographer Hunter Martin traveled to Lubec, Maine with his family in early July and came across the bar owned by die-hard Eagles fans Ellen Cohill and Glenn Charles. He captured the photos of the decorations including a sign that lets you know Lincoln Financial Field is just 653 miles away. The town is so close to the edge of Canada that at low tide you can walk into the water, throw a rock, and it'll cross the border.

The story behind Cohill's Inn is beautiful not just because of where it's located - in the heart of Patriots country - but because the spirit of Cohill's late father lives on through the pub and the memories and emotions brought to the surface when the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

Little long, but well worth the time.

4. Eagles Get The Top Free Agent On The Market

Make sure to check out her first report later today on Inside Training Camp presented by Independence Blue Cross.

5. How Has Life Changed For Zach Ertz Since Winning The Super Bowl?

Everything's a competition, especially at home.

6. Get A Ring Like Ertz And The Rest Of The Team

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