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Mornhinweg: Tragedy Made Us Closer

It is just over 24 hours since general manager Howie Roseman delivered the news to the public that Andy Reid's oldest son, Garrett, had passed away.

The Eagles have taken part in two walk-thru sessions and a full practice since they first learned of the tragic event. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who is helping lead the team in Reid's absence, understands how "different" the scene is at Training Camp without the longest-tenured head coach in the National Football League overseeing practice.

However, Mornhinweg is proud of how his team has rallied - just as Reid wanted them to.

"This is a tight-knit group that we have. It's clear that what has happened has made our players even closer. And again, we're still saddened by it and that's probably pretty normal," Mornhinweg said after Monday morning's walk-thru.

"We have many leaders who have stepped up. If I named them, I wouldn't be able to name them all. One thing I've learned is that we have an awful amount of leaders here. It certainly helps in this situation."

The Eagles escape to Lehigh University every year for Training Camp to build team chemistry and place as much focus on football as possible. That holds the same now, Mornhinweg said, as the team tries to conduct its business as usual. Mornhinweg thought that Sunday afternoon's practice was "fast" and "crisp."

On Thursday, the Eagles open their preseason slate at Lincoln Financial Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mornhinweg said he does not know when Reid will return. In his personal opinion, having known Reid for many years, Mornhinweg thought that Reid will be "back pretty quick at some point."

Mornhinweg will draw upon his years of coaching experience, having dealt with tragedy, to guide the team through this tough time. Mornhinweg knows that's how Reid wants it and that there is still work to be done.

"It's our responsibility and duty to Andy, to the Philadelphia Eagles organization, the City of Philadelphia and the fans for us to do our job," Mornhinweg said.

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