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Mornhinweg Impressed By Vick's Poise

Quarterback Michael Vick helped lead the Eagles to a pivotal win last week over the Colts despite not having played in over a month. Vick threw for 218 yards, rushed for 74 and accounted for both of the Eagles' touchdowns in a 26-24 win.

As the Eagles prepare for the Monday night showdown against the Redskins, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was impressed with how Vick handled the game, which had the atmosphere of a playoff game.

"Mike's playing the quarterback position at a high level. I was proud of all the guys. We overcame quite a little bit there, and much of it was our doing, but the (players) had great poise, I thought, during that last game. That's a good sign," Mornhinweg said. "Mike's a calm, cool, collected customer now. There's no question about that. Most of that's learned, and then you got some of it natural, but he's pretty good that way."

The last time the Eagles took on the Redskins back in Week 4 was when Vick suffered the rib cartilage injury. Once Vick was knocked out, the Redskins were able to limit the effectiveness of the Eagles offense as they scored just 12 total points. The Redskins kept both safeties deep and forced the Eagles to beat them underneath. DeSean Jackson indicated on Thursday that Mornhinweg has a game plan to open up the offense this time around. Mornhinweg, however, said that he expected to see some different looks from the Redskins in this second battle.

"Most of the time in the league, you're not going to do the same thing too much, twice. But, we'll see," Mornhinweg said. "They've had a bye week, so I'm sure there have been some things."

If the Redskins do, in fact, try to take away the deep play, Mornhinweg said that you still have to "challenge it." Having Vick back will certainly allow the Eagles to do just that.

"You do have to be precise and efficient," Mornhinweg said. "Look, we've had great success against some of these teams that try and do that."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 5:50 p.m., November 12

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