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Monday Morning Practice Blog

Stay here all morning for complete updates from the practice fields at Lehigh University. The updates will be provided by Bob Kent (BK), Chris McPherson (CM) and Bo Wulf (BW)

  • 8:17 AM - Running back Eldra Buckley is the first player out on the practice field to begin stretching. He is shortly followed by a number of other players. Once everyone is on the field, we'll give a list to indicate who is here. (CM)
  • 9:07 AM - So, do you want to know who is here on the practice field? Here's the list of who we saw ... Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, A.J. Feeley, Danny Amendola, Ken Parrish, Brandon Robinson, Jack Ikegwuonu, Macho Harris, LeSean McCoy, Cornelius Ingram, Trae Williams, Eldra Buckley, King Dunlap, Jervonte Jackson, Mike Gibson, Marcus Thigpen, Courtney Robinson, Reshard Langford, Brandon Gibson, Shaheer McBride, Eugene Bright, Moise Fokou, Charleston Hughes, Byron Parker, Fenuki Tupou, Dallas Reynolds, Stacy Andrews, Kevin Curtis, Mike McGlynn, Max Jean-Gilles, Marcus Mailei, Josh Gaines. The biggest names here obviously are Curtis, Andrews and Jean-Gilles. Brian Westbrook is rehabbing, but not on the practice field. There was a heavy emphasis on special teams before going into individual drills. (CM and BW)
  • 9:28 AM - Caught the last 10 minutes of the wide receiver drills ... The main person I wanted to see was Kevin Curtis. He looked smooth, fluid and fast. He was crisp cutting in and out of his routes. He was the role model for the other young receivers to follow in this camp. He showed no ill effects of his sports hernia injury. I wouldn't have known the injury by watching him. Other notes on guys ... Danny Amendola also looked very quick out there. Brandon Robinson did a good job on his route running. Same goes for Brandon Gibson at times. Position coach David Culley was shouting words of encouragement or things the players needed to work on after each throw. Some of the points of emphasis for Culley included where the receivers place the ball after they catch it - especially on out routes. The other thing is eye placement. This is not just on the ball, but when running the route. Obviously if you have your head down the whole time then pick it up suddenly, the defensive back is going to know when the cuts are coming. (CM)
  • 9:35 AM - Eagles fans will be happy to know that Stacy Andrews is in camp and running with the "first-team" offense, of players who are here, at Right Guard. The rest of the offense looked like this: Donovan McNabb, QB; LeSean McCoy (with Eldra Buckley working in), RB; Marcus Mailei, FB; Cornelius Ingram/Eugene Bright, TE; King Dunlap, RT; Andrews, RG; Mike McGlynn, C; Max Jean-Gilles, LG; Paul Fanaika, LT; And all six WR's currently in camp were rotating in (BW).
  • 9:56 AM - Paul Fanaika wasn't included on our original list of who's here in camp, which brings the total of player's practicing to 33. Here's the position breakdown: 3 QB, 3 RB/FB, 6 WR, 2 TE, 8 OL, 2 DL, 2 LB, 6 DB, 1 P (BW).
  • 10:02 AM - The team ran some 7 vs. 7 drills and there were a couple highlights. Cornelius Ingram got past th defense and hauled in a long pass from A.J. Feeley, Kevin Kolb looked sharp throwing some accurate slant routes, and Marcus Mailei looked sharp catching the ball out of the backfield. But the biggest response from the fans here in camp was to a very nice one-handed grab by LeSean McCoy on a Kevin Kolb pass (BW).
  • 10:51 AM - Wrapping up the morning session, the best play of practice was Macho Harris' interception of a Kevin Kolb pass during the 7-on-7 red zone drill. From just inside the opponent's territory, Kolb slung a deep pass down the middle and Harris was able to get his paws on it and haul it in. Said Harris, "I just do what I'm coached to do. He did a little skinny post and I undercut him. I was expecting the ball to be there right away because it was an angle route. In the red zone, you have the back of the end zone to help you out. So I can play aggressive like that." (CM)
  • 11:01 AM - This post was news worthy simply because it's something I haven't seen during my years here at training camp. After practice, Donovan McNabb was running sprints with some of the assistant coaches. McNabb is meeting the media as I write this, so I'm sure it will come up in the press conference. The other note I wanted to put here was that LeSean McCoy looked very smooth during practice, especially when catching the ball. More on him shortly as he talked to the media after practice. We'll be back later on for the afternoon practice. (CM)
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