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Relive Sunday's huge win over the Buccaneers with all the latest headlines right here...

Sunday was a huge day for quarterback and the Eagles.

The defense stood tall when it mattered most.

The Eagles’ receivers provided heroic efforts Sunday.

Linebacker Jamar Chaney returned to the starting lineup against the Buccaneers.

Safety Nate Allen felt the changes along the defensive line helped on the back end.

Dave Spadaro shines the spotlight on the players who made a difference Sunday.

Other Views

The Eagles were happy to regain the winning feeling.

Sunday's win gives the Eagles plenty of hope for the future.

Sunday’s game was a thrilling win for the Eagles and a stunning loss for the Buccaneers.

Foles' poise and promise impresses his teammates.

Defensive line coach Tommy Brasher deserves plenty of credit for the win.

How did the Foles come up with that last play of the game?

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