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MLB Darryl Sharpton Scouting Report

MLB Darryl Sharpton, Miami (FL.)
Pos. Rank: 9 Grade: 7th Round-FA Height: 5-11 1/2 Weight: 252 40: 4.81 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Athletic linebacker who makes plays sideline to sideline. Breaks down well, holds his ground against blocks, and rarely off his feet. Gets depth on pass drops, effective making plays in space, and displays a burst of speed. Immediately alters his angle of attack, losing little momentum, remains disciplined with assignments and nicely flows the action. Sells out on the blitz.

The Bad: Easily knocked from his angle of attack by blocks. Not a strong tackler. Shows marginal coverage skills for a smaller linebacker.

The Verdict: Early in his Miami career, Sharpton looked as though he would be a terrific linebacker prospect, yet he never really elevated his game the past two seasons. He has the size and speed to be used on the weak side, yet he must improve his play in coverage before he'll see any real action at the next level.

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