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Mind Wishing And Wandering For Free Agency

A new day brings a new report. The Eagles are in the driver's seat here, acknowledging that they are receiving phone calls about quarterback Kevin Kolb and that there is a lot of interest in him around the league. So if that's the case, why can't we have some fun and speculate about what the market might hold for Kolb, assuming there is a market prior to the April 28 NFL draft?

The latest report says the Eagles have been offered a first-round draft pick, and that there could be more offers on the way, including a higher No. 1 pick. Fascinating. Enticing. A major tease during a time when no player movement is permitted in the league.

But for the hay of it, let's imagine what a first-round pick, or more, would mean to the Eagles in the event that they said "yes" to an offer and dealt Kolb?

It would give the team tremendous flexibility, for one. Going into April 28 with two first-round draft picks would allow the Eagles to move anywhere they want in the first round -- even as high as the top 10, and perhaps higher. Is there a player they would covet among the top five draft picks?

Or would the Eagles stay put and try to bring in two starters for the price of zero starters? They could, for example, add two players to immediately help a defense that is in the second year of its overhaul.

Then again, maybe the Eagles could deal one of the two first-round picks and pick up more draft picks, another second- and third-round pick, for example, and really, really stock up on the young talent.

The possibilities would be endless. Of course, this is all speculation, all dreaming. If Kolb was actually on the market, and there was actually player movement allowed, the Eagles would be actively engaged in working on the roster, and the draft pick would change tremendously. We can have that talk another day, if and when free agency appears near.

For now, it's all about Kevin Kolb and his future. The Eagles have experience in dealing quarterbacks, as we witnessed last year. They know how to gauge interest and they understand the timing of the process. They also know that they need to have a backup plan for the backup quarterback position should they decide to deal Kolb.

It is the only morsel we have to chew on until something breaks with the work stoppage. There are so many variables out there, so many pieces that need to come together to fit into this 2011 puzzle for the Eagles, and the agony of having no movement allowed at this point is pure torture.

Would the Eagles trade Kevin Kolb? It sounds like they would, if the price is right. What that price might be now, and what it could be if and when player movement is permitted, is the real question, one the Eagles have to prepare for far in advance, one that we can have fun and talk about during a time when there really isn't much else to discuss.

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