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McGlynn Take Responsibility For Costly Fumble

It was the turning point of the game. Up 16-7 with a chance to punch it into the end zone, the Eagles had a first-and-goal at the Titans' 3-yard-line. You already know what happened next. On what was to be a handoff from Kevin Kolb to LeSean McCoy, Titans defensive tackle Jason Jones raced upfield unimpeded and got to Kolb before the exchange could be made cleanly. The ball fell freely to the ground, where it was recovered by the Titans, who would go on to outscore the Eagles 30-3.

After the game, center Mike McGlynn took full responsibility for the game-changing play.

"It was just an error," he said. "It didn't have anything to do with (Jones), it was my error ... It's a disappointing thing that happened. That can't happen in that situation."

There's no question that scoring a touchdown in that situation would have dramatically changed the game, and probably would have been the beginning of the end for the Titans.

"That's tough right down there," said McCoy, who added that he never had possession of the ball. "I'm sure if we score down there it would have taken the air out of them a lot and it would have been a different outcome."

Still, there were plenty of opportunities for the Eagles to right the ship after the costly turnover. The Titans, after all, were still backed up against their own goal line before going on a lengthy field goal drive that still left the Eagles with the lead. While the fumble was a monumental momentum swing, it was by no means the reason the Eagles fell in Tennessee.

"We had other opportunities where we should have put the ball in the end zone and we didn't," said tight end Brent Celek, who had two catches for 8 yards. "Games never come down to one play and it didn't come down just to that. It was a big play in the game and we didn't make it, but we have to overcome those things to get wins."

And while the sting of the loss will stay with the Eagles through their bye week, head coach Andy Reid noted that a young Eagles team can learn an important lesson from the loss. When you have a chance to put a team away, especially a quality team like the Titans, you have to take advantage.

"When you have a team down, you have to kill a mosquito with an axe," said cornerback Asante Samuel. "Step on the gas and keep the pressure on."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 9:20 a.m., October 25

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