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Malcolm Jenkins Said What On Family Feud?


For the second week in a row, an Eagles player made an appearance on a national TV show. First, long snapper Jon Dorenbos dazzled the judges on *America's Got Talent*. On Sunday night, safety Malcolm Jenkins was part of an all-star cast on Celebrity Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey.

For those who aren't familiar with the game, 100 people are polled on different questions and the contestants have to guess the most popular responses.

Jenkins was part of a team comprised of NFC defensive players that also featured Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, former Temple defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu and Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril.

After dispatching of their AFC offensive counterparts, Jenkins took the first crack at the answers in the final Fast Money round. He made things easy for his teammate Knighton by racking up a whopping 152 points (200 are needed for a win). Jenkins got over 30 points on three of the five questions:

1. Name an event that kids get dressed up for: Jenkins said Halloween which had 35 responses (what other event does a kid get dressed up for?).

2. Name a city where people hope to make it big: New York City was Jenkins' answer which netted an additional 33 points.

3. What does a person tell you to shut? Jenkins came up with the most popular answer, to shut your mouth, to get 57 points.

Thanks to Jenkins' strong start, Knighton was able to get the 48 remaining points to win the NFC defensive players a $25,000 donation to the nonprofit Got Your 6, which benefits military veterans who want to continue to serve at home after their service is over.

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