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Maclin: 27-0 Speaks For Itself

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin had a quiet Sunday night. He caught a pair of passes for 18 total yards and was largely an afterthought in the Eagles' demonstrative 27-0 win over the New York Giants.

But you wouldn't have been able to tell from his press conference after the game. Maclin kept his demeanor calm and upbeat, as is normally the case with the veteran wide receiver. His individual stats were once again unimportant to him. His singular focus remained trained on the well-being of the team.

Sunday, Maclin was happy.

"I think it's good," Maclin said of the Eagles' 5-1 record following Sunday's win. "I think that's the only thing on our mind going into this game. We got the job done, got it done the way we wanted to get it done, and dominated in every aspect of the game. We couldn't be in a better position.

"I think the energy, the way we played, the enthusiasm - I think everything we did kind of all came together tonight."

The focus of the Eagles' offense returned to its natural position Sunday night as the run game truly found its feet for the first time this season. The Eagles picked up over 200 yards on the ground against the Giants, and Maclin said he was excited to see the team regain its power in the run game.

When the team runs well, the whole team plays well, he explained. It's a cooperative effort.

"It's going to open up opportunities for the passing game," Maclin said, of the run game's success. "[Running back LeSean] McCoy had a big day, [running back Darren] Sproles had a few good runs, we even got Trey the ball a little bit. That's what we like to do, we like to run the football. As long as we can keep that going - I think the offensive line dominated up front - I think we'll be pretty good.

"I just think we stuck to the game plan and executed our plays, and that's why we were so effective running the ball."

Towards the end of his brief press conference Maclin was asked what he thought of the trash talk that emanated from New Jersey this past week. Did it fuel the team's domination Sunday night? Did he even pay attention to it?

"Only because you guys let us know what was said, but..."

Then he paused for a second, to make sure he knew what he wanted to say, and then he said it:


And with that Maclin walked back into the locker room, and that was that. Onto the next opponent.

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