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Logan A Force In The Middle Of The D-Line


Nine snaps were more than enough for nose tackle Bennie Logan to showcase his skills in the preseason opener on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Logan, who is entering his third year in the NFL, gets better and stronger with each season and it has not gone unnoticed.

"He was in there for nine snaps, and he had three tackles. If we had played him for 30 snaps, he would have had, we can just extrapolate it," head coach Chip Kelly said jokingly.

"We were pleased, really pleased with him. I thought he played really well. His knowledge and understanding of blocking schemes now, going into Year 3 for him, are really sharp. He made some real, just not even were they physical, tough plays, but he knew what plays they were running based upon what was happening. He back-doored once on a power play when the center blocked back on him then came deep around the center and made the tackle in the backfield."

The ability to recognize plays is the biggest difference for Logan from his rookie season of 2013 to now. He was unstoppable on Sunday once he caught sight of the blocking scheme.

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"They tried to cut him off once when he was a nose, but the right guard couldn't get to him. He stayed flat on the center and kind of flattened him down then made another play in the backfield," Kelly said. "Then on another one, it was a little twist game inside, but again, recognized the blocking scheme immediately and then came off of it. We're really pleased with him and how he played on Sunday."

Sunday was an opportunity for Logan and the rest of the defensive line to make a statement. Logan, himself, said the team treated the game like a regular season affair and not the preseason.

He wants the team to continue playing as well as they did in the preseason game during practice and all of the games following.

"We set the tempo from the first preseason game, and we just have to keep that tempo and that momentum going through the rest of the preseason and have to just keep it going for the regular season," Logan said.

Fletcher Cox is the recognizable name on the defensive line, having earned second-team All-Pro honors last season. But Cox thinks it's time that Logan gets his due.

"Bennie doesn't get talked about enough. I noticed it last year that Bennie hasn't fallen off it. He's doing the same thing this year as he was doing last year," Cox said.

The 6-2, 315-pound Logan enjoys having a good time and having fun on the field, but he is all business when it comes to setting goals for the remainder of the preseason.

"Get better. Just continue to get better. Grow within the defense, grow within the teammates and each and every day just continue to build. You're going to make mistakes in this practice, that's why it's a practice but just don't make the same mistake when the preseason game comes along and just have fun out there," Logan said. "That's what it's all about, having fun and just continuing to just get better."

Wednesday will be the first day of the joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens. Logan "embraces the different atmosphere," although, it will be a change of pace.

"Actually, it's kind of slower," Logan said. "I like our practice better because we are more fast and up-tempo. We're not really used to the huddle. But, it's something we have to adjust to and that's something we're looking forward to."

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