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Lindley Impressive But Still Learning

Trevard Lindley made the play of Friday's practice when he cut off wide receiver Dobson Collins down the field during a two-minute drill and then leaped up in the air and caught a Michael Vick pass over his shoulder for a drive-ending interception.

The play capped off an impressive few days of practice for Lindley, who has been getting most of his reps as the second-team right cornerback - with Ellis Hobbs sitting out team drills, Macho Harris has been working with the first-team. But while the defensive sideline loudly cheered Lindley's pick, veteran cornerback Asante Samuel got on the youngster for not being aggressive enough during his return.

"Act like you want to score," Samuel shouted to Lindley.

After practice, Lindley says not only does he welcome the advice from Samuel, but he seeks out help from all the veterans in the secondary.

"All the veteran cornerbacks really, and safeties too," Lindley said. "I just ask them what to do and just ask them the little details like where I need to be on a receiver on certain routes and then go out there and play."

Lindley's commitment to improving has continued after practice each day as he stays on the field to work on some of the new techniques he's been taught, namely the "T-cut."

"I was just over there practicing on it a little bit, trying to get it down pat," he said after practice. "I'm getting a little better at it every single day and I go out there and practice it every day after practice."

When asked to provide a progress report for his indoctrination into the NFL, Lindley said he's about 85 to 90 percent where he needs to be. Mostly, he said, it's about getting the playbook down so he can be more natural on the field.

"I just need to find out where to line up on certain plays," he said. "You just have to try to line up in the right position and then go out there and play football."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 8:43 p.m., June 5

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