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LeSean McCoy Shines Despite Injury

LeSean McCoy did everything in his power to keep the Eagles in Thursday night's game against Kansas City. The elusive back overcame an ankle injury suffered late in the second quarter and helped lead the team's comeback effort. Ultimately, McCoy and company fell short in that attempt, as they were defeated by the Chiefs, 26-16.

McCoy carried the ball 20 times on Thursday night, racking up 158 rushing yards and a touchdown that put the Eagles within seven points with 11:43 remaining in the game.

"The offensive line played well," said McCoy. "They blocked it up and I was untouched and I ran to the goal line. … Once we run the ball enough, we kind of get the (defense) tired. They start guessing what hole we're going to, and that's really how it happens. The guys are pushing and moving them, and they try to guess and they get pushed, and that creates some bigger holes."

However, that score would prove to be one of the few times that the Eagles could capitalize on their possessions, and after the game McCoy cited an inability to get in rhythm and mental mistakes as the key factors in the loss.

"I'm not sure (what it was), it just wasn't clicking at all," McCoy said of the Eagles offense. "I think the defense played well, and we were the ones that let them down tonight. I felt like we got going too late, and we just didn't get it done. ... There were plays that I think I left out on the field with maybe not hitting holes and just dancing too much, so as an offense we didn't play well together, and for myself, I didn't play that well."

Late in the second quarter, McCoy had Eagles fans holding their collective breath. After picking up 18 yards on a second-down run, McCoy stayed down on the field after being tackled. He rolled on the ground in pain clutching his right leg. Eagles fans were able to exhale when McCoy jogged off of the field under his own power. After X-rays were performed, McCoy was able to return to the action on the fifth play of the third quarter.

"When it happened, with the way I landed, I felt pain right away," McCoy explained. "I couldn't put pressure on it, and I've had that type of injury before, so I kind of felt the same type of pain and that's why I thought that it was something serious. …The X-rays looked good. I was still in some pain. On a couple of runs I could feel it, but I think in a game like this, you put the small things behind you. I'll get treatment on it and I'll be fine."

Entering the game, the Chiefs boasted the second best rushing defense in the NFL, and were among the leaders in other defensive categories as well. That didn't stop McCoy from posting the third-highest single-game rushing total of his career.

"They didn't do anything special," McCoy said. "They were so similar to the last game (against San Diego), if you look at the tape and the way that they played us. It was similar. I think they played even more man (coverage) than last game. It's a matter of (us) going out there and playing our game. We gave them (five) turnovers and we spotted them 10 points off the jump. I think that's the difference. It's not a matter of what the defense did - It's what we did.

"I really don't think there's a defense that can physically go out there and beat us. I think it's a matter of this offense going out there and playing. If we don't play well (as an offense), we lose and it shows. I don't think it's a matter of the defense stopping us. "

After playing three games in just 11 days time, the Eagles now have a lengthy, 10-day break before they play the Broncos in Denver. As the team regroups and recovers after a tough stretch, McCoy said that they will need to focus on doing the small things as they try to return to the form they displayed in their Monday night opener. 

"I don't want to forget about that game (against Washington)," McCoy said, "We're still that dominant offense and that dominant team, it's just a matter of us going back to the basics, going to the drawing board and practicing each day and getting better and better. As an offense, we have to make it easy for ourselves. We have to execute the plays that are called and get (the defense) tired, keep our tempo up, and keep going."

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