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Kolb Ready, If Called Upon

As he said Sunday after the 38-10 win over Carolina, Kevin Kolb insisted on Monday that he is ready to be the starter against New Orleans, if Donovan McNabb is unable to go. And having a week of practice ahead, whether McNabb plays or not, is going to be valuable for Kolb.

"It's very important just to get that continuity and the cadence ... and then the confidence in me and those guys being around me," said Kolb. "I haven't had that opportunity much and I'm looking forward to it."

Kolb completed 7 of 11 passes in Sunday's win and had his ups and downs. He has never started a regular season game in the NFL after starting his entire career from pee-wee football to tis point. He has been in the system for three years, so he knows the scheme. The speed of the game is something that is slowing down.

If it is his turn on Sunday, Kolb knows he has to execute a West Coast offense that has proven it works.

"It is productive and you just have to work within things here and make your reads and make good decisions," said Kolb, the team's first pick (second round) in the 2007 draft. "I'll be ready if I get the call."

-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 1:37 p.m., September 14

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