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Kolb: No Contract Talks With Eagles

Appearing on Philadelphia sports radio station WIP with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese, Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb shot down rumors that he and the Eagles have been involved in contract talks.

"We haven't even talked to them as far as I know," Kolb said. "That totally blew me away when that was reported because that was obviously false.

"I don't even talk to my agent that much about it because ultimately it doesn't have anything to do with what we say. So we're kind of just sitting back right now and letting things iron out. We know there's still some time here and I'm sure there'll be a phone call some time in the near future or a meeting. But as of right now we're just going to let it iron out and have faith that the right decision's going to be made."

Last week, Garry Cobb of reported that the Eagles had begun negotiations with Kolb about a contract extension. Kolb, along with Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, is signed through the 2010 season. In his two starts in 2009, Kolb became the first player in NFL history to surpass 300 passing yards in his first two career starts.

Kolb said that although there have been no talks of an extension, he sees himself in Philadelphia for the foreseeable future.

"I never did (think of going anywhere else)," he said. "Only because of this: I feel like I fit in this system so well. And not just the system, but the coaching staff and the players and the personnel all the way around, even on the other side of the building with the business side and all that. I just feel like our personalities really fit well together and I look forward to taking over this thing one day and working with those guys. So I would never wish myself to be anywhere else."

Here's what else Kolb had to say:

On being the backup quarterback: "It's tough. It's tough because I felt like last year was the best I've ever been. I felt like I was prepared for the season. I trained hard in the off-season. Even though I had the injury in the pre-season, my other two games were pretty good. Then of course getting to play there early you know and proving that I could do it. I wish that I could have played last year. With that being said I'm going to wish it even more this year so it's tough but I know it's an even harder situation for the Eagles. My gosh, there's three of us back there that can play so I'm going to keep their feelings in mind and try to remain positive no matter what happens."

On his relationship with Andy Reid: "He trusts my abilities. He's confident in what I have to offer and that's why he drafted me, that's why he stayed with me. I mean last year it was probably pretty easy to ship me off somewhere else after not debuting very well against Baltimore. So he stuck with me and that showed a lot of confidence in me and so I would never put him in that situation and hopefully he'll continue to trust me and put me out there when he thinks I'm ready."

On his relationship with his teammates: "I feel like they've gained a little bit of respect. And the ones that matter a lot to me too are the older guys. You know when (running back Brian) Westbrook, he's seen me sit back for a while and keep my mouth shut and be team first. When he says stuff to me, which he does, and a lot of other guys do too, that means a lot and it keeps you motivated to keep doing the right thing. And I take great pride in preparation and learning the game every single day and sponging it up from (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) and Andy (Reid) and (quarterbacks coach) James (Urban), all those guys. I want to be the guy they come to for the X's and O's part of it and hopefully I'll continue to grow that way and we'll continue to grow as a group."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 4:58 p.m., February 16

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