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Kolb Gained Experience, Confidence

After an impressive two-game run as Eagles' starting quarterback, it appears that Kevin Kolb will be headed back to the sidelines this Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Donovan McNabb returned to practice on Monday and is expected to start for the first time since the season opening win over the Carolina Panthers.

"I enjoyed being the number one," Kolb said. "But I also understand the situation and my role will go back to what it was, and if I have to fill in again, I'll be ready.

"I think Donovan's rehab has gone pretty well and I think he's ready to get out there. He's our guy and we all know that, and if I get the chance, then I'll go out there."

Still, Kolb gained valuable experience and confidence from his time under center. He became the first player in NFL history to surpass 300 yards passing in his first two career starts.

"I've always had that confidence in myself but you never know for sure," Kolb said. "I think the opinion is just that we can win with somebody else in there and win with me in there and the team can rally around a guy. I thought everybody did a great job picking up their level, it wasn't just me.

"I know that I have more confidence now, and if the opportunity comes, hopefully I can jump in there and do a good job."

Despite his recent run of success, Kolb remains focused on the task at hand.

"Just like before, I don't ever look too far ahead," he said. "I look at the fact that the Bucs are coming in and they have a pretty darn good defense. We just want to keep the ball rolling and I just want to prepare like I always do."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 7:01 a.m., October 6

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