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Kolb Focused On Winning, Not His Job

Kevin Kolb knows that with the way Michael Vick scrambles he always has to be ready to get in the game.

"Just the short time I've been in this league, I've seen it happen," Kolb said. "There are a lot of changes and things you don't expect."

That's why even though he admitted that while it was a "difficult time" after he lost the starting job to Vick he kept a positive outlook on the situation. Kolb will take all of the practice reps on Wednesday due to Vick's rib cartilage injury. Head coach Andy Reid said that it's "a stretch" that Vick will play against the 49ers, which means Kolb could get his chance to showcase his skills as the starter once again - this time in front of a primetime national audience.

But Kolb isn't thinking about trying to win his job back. First and foremost, he wants to deliver a win on Sunday.

"That's all I care about and that's the truth," Kolb said. "We just have to go there and win. That's our number one focus right now. If I get into all of that (winning the starting job back) then I'm focusing on the wrong thing. My focus right now is to go beat San Francisco and make sure I do by part to do that."

Kolb relieved Vick at the end of the first quarter of Sunday's loss to Washington. Vick was sandwiched between DeAngelo Hall and Kareem Moore on a scramble near the goal line. Kolb nearly rallied the Eagles from a 14-0 deficit as he completed 22 of 35 for 201 yards with a touchdown and an interception. The Redskins didn't pressure Kolb as they primarily dropped the linebackers into coverage. Against that look, Kolb delivered a lot of short passes. The Eagles moved the ball effectively, but ultimately in the end they didn't get the win.

"I think I had to do that and take what they gave me,"" Kolb said. ""If you get too aggressive and don't play your own system and play what they're giving you, then you're not making the right reads. That's my only focus, keep doing the right thing with the ball and put us in a better position to win.

"Going back and watching the film, maybe there was one or two (throws) I could have been a little more aggressive on. We obviously moved the ball great. We had a nine-minute drive there (in the second quarter). We just have to plug it in when we get down there. There were plenty of opportunities. We just need to finish it out and win the game."

Kolb said he can't expect the 49ers, who also employ a 3-4 scheme, to attack the Eagles the same way. Of course, the 49ers are going to be doing everything in their power to get their first win of the season after losing two of their four games in heartbreaking fashion. The fact that the game is on NBC's Sunday Night Football just makes it that much more exciting for Kolb.

"I'm not nervous about it. I'm excited about it. I'm having more fun right now than I've had in this game, ever," Kolb said. "I'm looking forward to going out there and getting a victory."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 1:25 p.m., October 6

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