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Kolb Focused On Getting A Win

After a mostly impressive debut in his first career start, Kevin Kolb feels well-prepared for what could be his second straight game under center this Sunday against the Chiefs. If Donovan McNabb is unable to play - he's steadily recovering from a fractured rib - then Kolb will get the start and try to do the one thing he couldn't do against the Saints in week two - win.

"When you went back you realize it was just a couple of plays here and there that separated us from winning the football game, and a couple of turnovers that didn't have to happen," Kolb said. "It's all fixable, so that's a good feeling."

Kolb threw for 391 yards and two touchdowns against the Saints, but he also had three interceptions - one of which came on an end-of-game hail mary.

"We're just going to focus on execution and efficiency," Kolb said. "Especially me taking care of the football and just keep the offense running as smoothly as possible. We were smooth in some areas last week and we moved the ball great most of the game. But, we've got to score touchdowns when we get down there and that's part of the efficiency that we're trying to hone in on."

With the return to action of Michael Vick expected this weekend, a lot of attention has been paid to the wildcat formation that was run nine times against the Saints. Kolb said he's comfortable with the formation, especially because it's been producing positive yardage.

"Yeah I felt good with the Wildcat from the day we put it in," he said. "Whether it's Mike (Vick) or Westbrook or DeSean (Jackson) back there. Whoever it is I felt good about it. It hasn't seemed to throw me out of any rhythm and I felt fine with it last week."

Kolb later added that the team expects to have Jackson in action this Sunday, despite the wide receiver's groin strain holding him out of practice.

With the early bye coming in week four for the Eagles this year, Kolb said getting a win against the Chiefs would be huge.

"Huge to rebound for one, and then obviously to have that good feeling going into the bye week and getting us back on the right track" he said. "We can kind of go, 'Okay we're 2-1, it's a positive note.' We need to have that dominance and confidence that we felt after the Carolina game after we get out of this one."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 5:08 p.m., September 23

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