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Keys To The Game

Here are the things to look for as the Eagles hope to improve to 4-1 on the season Sunday against the Oakland Raiders ...

1. No turnovers – The Raiders struggle to sustain drives or come up with big plays. Make their offense play the long field. Don't set them up with good field position.

2. Score Early, Score Often – Oakland's players are very down right now. Get a lead and they might check out mentally. Also, they lack the firepower to score a lot of points. They could win an ugly defensive struggle, but they will not win a shootout.

3. Pressure – JaMarcus Russell is an erratic passer on a good day. He doesn't have good pocket presence. A good pass rush will lead him to make mistakes. He has four interceptions so far and fumbled the ball away three times last week.

4. Go Deep – The Raiders have a great corner in Nnamdi Asomugha. Chris Johnson starts on the other side and is talented. The way to challenge those guys is with vertical routes. Send DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin deep. We have the speed to burn good corners. That also opens up the middle of the field for Brent Celek and Jason Avant.

5. Screens – Our screen game has been very quiet this year. This would be a good week to work some in. The Giants had success with them last week.

For my complete game preview, as well as a thorough review of the team through the first quarter of the season,click here.

-- Posted by Tommy Lawlor, 11:28 a.m., October 17

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