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Kelly: Attention To Detail Is Key


As he does every week, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly met with the media on Monday, this time to recap the team's 20-19 defeat to the Miami Dolphins. Here are the biggest takeaways from Kelly's session with the media ...

On The Offensive Production, Specifically At Wide Receiver ...

"We knew going into this game that our receivers and tight ends were going to be huge components of what we were trying to do, so we were trying to get the ball to those guys. We knew play action passes and some of the deep over routes were going to be difficult for them to catch. We don't really care who we get the production from, as long as we're getting production from the entire offense."

On Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez ...

"I don't have any information. I meet with the trainers after this (press conference) every Monday."

"I don't think the offense is much different (with Sanchez at quarterback)."

"Sanchez graded out well. Obviously the interception was a big down for him, but he made some plays. The throw he made to Zach Ertz on the over route where he made the big play, he avoided the rush and stepped up in the pocket. It was a good play. We ran a naked once where the defender didn't bite and he came underneath really quick and made a good pass to (Brent) Celek. He did a good job on the sideline throw to DeMarco (Murray) when he extended the play, escaped the pocket and took it down the sidelines, so I thought there was some good plays in there but obviously some that he'd like to have back."

On Attention To Detail ...

"Especially on the offensive side of the ball, we were just so inconsistent, which is so uncharacteristic of us, especially in the last few weeks ... It's the details and the team that does a better job comes out victorious and I think right now 80 out of 145 games are decided by a touchdown or less. That's like 55 percent of games, so it can literally come down to one play, and if they make one more play than we do, then you end up on the wrong side of it, but we've lost to Atlanta by a field goal or less, we lost to Washington by a field goal or less and we lost this game by a point ... Those aren't excuses but it's something that we've got to understand, how important each play is when you're out there and the attention to detail and doing the little things right are the difference between us winning and losing. We've come up on the right side four times and the wrong side five times."

On Special Teams ...

"We need to clean some things up. The ball on the punt and the field goal weren't in the right spot, so we need to clean that whole operation up."

"Last year we were outstanding in special teams aspects, but we haven't had the contributions. In the return game, we were anxious because people hadn't been kicking to Darren but they kicked to Darren, but I don't think we did a good job of holding up to get Darren started and get him going a little bit ... When it comes down to being a one-point game, I don't think our special teams played as well as they have in the past to give us an opportunity to win.  

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