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Justice Now The Blindside Protector

With the change in quarterback from Kevin Kolb to Michael Vick comes one major change on the offensive line - tackle Winston Justice now protects the blind side of the left-handed Vick. But Justice insists that the idea of a "blind side" is greatly exaggerated and that his technique and game plan will remain the same.

"It doesn't change anything," Justice said. "People really overplay that. Anywhere the quarterback is looking, the opposite side is going to be the blind side.

"My technique is going to be the same, (Jason Peters') technique is going to be the same …that definitely won't change."

After a season in which Vick's electrifying plays came few and far between, the "highlight reel" Vick has reappeared through six quarters in 2010. Vick ran for 103 yards on 11 carries against Green Bay, added 37 more yards rushing against Detroit, and escaped from pressure on countless plays since being inserted into the starting lineup. But Justice argues that the blocking scheme remains fairly similar with a quarterback like Vick as opposed to a more traditional pocket passer in Kevin Kolb.

"If something breaks down, (Vick) has the ability to make people miss and run," Justice said. "But as far as blocking assignments, nothing really changes."

Amidst the organized chaos from the increased media presence at the NovaCare Complex, Justice remains calm and is focused on the task at hand: go to Jacksonville and get a win. He explained that while the locker room is bustling with reporters - players have to dodge 50 television cameras just to make it to the bathroom - it's not hard for players to just tune it out.

"It's pretty easy," Justice said. "It's pretty easy to tune it out. (The media) are the ones that make a big deal out of it. It's not as big in here."

But before he turns his attention fully to the game next Sunday, Justice backed his head coach and said that while he was initially surprised by the change at quarterback, he's prepared to block for whomever is taking snaps under center.

"Anytime you change quarterbacks, you're going to be kind of shocked," Justice said. "But I'm behind the coaching staff 100 percent. Whoever they go with, I'm going to block the same way, if it's Vick or Kolb."

Now, at least for Justice, the page has been turned to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

-- Posted by Josh Goldman, 6:30 a.m., September 23

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