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Just Days Away From Camp Opening

Not that it means much to you, given the lack of visual evidence, but the days when boxes are packed up and outside of offices and when those boxes are placed in moving vans signify to everyone at the NovaCare Complex that training camp is only a few days away. That's what is happening at the NovaCare Complex now. While the players are pretty much gone -- a few come in for workouts, but are mostly taking the last free time they have for the next six months to visit with family along with working out on their own -- equipment from the locker room and the weight room is packed away and sent to Lehigh.

Once camp opens on Sunday, things move very quickly. All of the practices have already been scripted. The rookies and selected veterans who report for Sunday evening's meeting then go into meetings with their position coaches before hitting the practice field on Monday at 8:45 a.m.

And then there is no slowing down until the season is over, which hopefully doesn't come until after the Super Bowl in February ...

-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 11:57 a.m., July 21

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