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Jenkins Sympathizes With The Fans

Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins has only been an Eagle since July, but he understands the passion of the fan base that is frustrated by the way the season has gone.

"There's going to be a lot of anger. I'm sure right now there are a lot of people ticked off and they should be. Any fan wants to see their team do well," Jenkins said. "It's one thing if we're going out there and teams are just better than us, but they're not. We're going out there and we're just giving away these games.

"I can just imagine from a fan's standpoint what it looks like watching the games. It probably looks like lack of effort, lack of fundamentals, lack of everything. The fans are going to be frustrated. It's awful. We're not giving our fans anything right now."

Jenkins has been brutally honest after each game about why the team hasn't succeeded and what needs to be done to generate more positive results on the field. But with eight losses, Jenkins knows that at this point talk is cheap.

"Fans aren't trying to hear that. Fans want to see it," Jenkins said. "They want to see you get out there on the field. They don't want to hear about it after the loss."

After the Thursday night game, the Eagles have 10 days before they play the Dolphins in Miami. There are four games left for the Eagles in 2011. Jenkins acknowledges that any slim chance of making the playoffs was wiped away with the loss to Seattle. Fully aware that the best record that the Eagles can finish with is .500, Jenkins still believes that it's something worth fighting for.

"It's at the point right now where you have to have pride. You have to have that desire in you that makes you play for more than just money," Jenkins said. "Something. You play this game because you love it. You play this game because you accept the challenge. You play the game for a lot of different things. Right now, we are just not manning up."

Head coach Andy Reid said that he still thinks he is getting good effort and focus from the players. Jenkins will look to ensure that continues.

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