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Jeffrey Lurie Wants Kelly Green Jerseys


The Philadelphia Eagles submitted to the NFL an amendment that would allow clubs to have an alternate helmet in a color to match a third uniform.

Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie explained on Tuesday night from the NFL Annual Meeting that he wants to incorporate the Kelly green jerseys, but not without a matching helmet. The Eagles pulled the proposal because it was not going to pass, but remain committed to getting this accomplished.

"I want to see us use Kelly green as our alternate and Thursday night-type of uniform. The only thing blocking us is we can't get the Kelly green helmet yet. That's what we're waiting for," Lurie said. "We're going to keep pushing at it. ... My hope is that we'll be able to get it done by next March."

The Eagles moved from the Kelly green to the midnight green jerseys in 1996. The Eagles brought back the Kelly green jerseys for the 2010 season opener to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1960 NFL Championship team.

Lurie indicated that there are safety issues with an alternate helmet that the league has to resolve, but that the Eagles aren't the only team pulling for the change.

"We're going to keep at it because we're really determined. ... I would love to see it the sooner the better," Lurie said.

Is there a chance that the Eagles will consider a full-time switch to the Kelly green jerseys?

"First, I want to try it as an alternate, try to have it for two or three games, see if people like it," Lurie said. "That was the goal to try to make that happen. I'm really confident we'll be able to, but when is that?

"I love the midnight green. I think it's great, but I also want the Kelly green."

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