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Jeffrey Lurie: Carson Wentz is 'everything you want in a franchise quarterback'

It's been a pretty good 24 hours for Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie and head coach Doug Pederson.

The Eagles agreed to a four-year contract extension with franchise quarterback Carson Wentz on Thursday evening, ensuring his services through the 2024 season. On Friday, Lurie and Pederson, along with vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas and quarterbacks coach Press Taylor, took home the first-place trophy at the annual Eagles coaches golf outing at The ACE Club in Lafayette Hill.

By making the long-term commitment to Wentz now, the Eagles can strategize how to continue to provide him with the best supporting cast possible.

"We found a wonderful quarterback and person a few years ago. He's everything you want in a franchise quarterback," Lurie said. "To be able to plan ahead and know exactly that he's going to be with us and build the roster in just the way that we want to do it, it means everything. It allows you to make smart decisions. We always wanted a terrific quarterback and a terrific person, and he embodies it in every way.

"We've got a great young core that we've been able to extend. It gives you the best chance to win and they're great people. I can't be more excited about our season. I wish September were here now."

Pederson was named the head coach just three months before the Eagles drafted Wentz. Pederson described the relationship as a marriage on multiple occasions with how his career as a head coach and Wentz's will be tied together. As a former quarterback himself, Pederson understands what it means for the entire Eagles organization to have Wentz secured for the long haul.

"In this league, a lot of things revolve around your quarterback and for us to be blessed to have moved up the draft board to get Carson to the number two spot and now to extend him gives us stability on offense, gives our organization stability," Pederson said. "I'm excited about that and the chance to continue working with him."

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