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Hurts (is) so good

Jalen Hurts was magnificent on Monday night.
Jalen Hurts was magnificent on Monday night.

Queue the John Mellencamp song.

The Eagles' home-opening 24-7 win against the Minnesota Vikings will be etched in the memory of 69,879 fans in attendance at the rowdy Lincoln Financial Field and an entire national audience tuned in for Monday Night Football as the game that Jalen Hurts proved himself to be the quarterback the team has continuously preached he is.

He's a dynamic, game-deciding, play-making leader.

In his second home-opener as the team's starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts posted 333 passing yards for a score and two rushing touchdowns. His execution was near-flawless, barring a late-game interception with less than 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

His performance statistically mirrored that of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick's on November 15, 2010 – which also fell on a Monday night. Vick and Hurts are the only quarterbacks in franchise history to throw for 300+ yards and run for 2+ touchdowns in a single game.

The deserved star of the primetime Monday night showdown against the NFC foe, Hurts was poised, accurate, and effective.

He facilitated touches to his entire arsenal of offensive weapons, completing 26 of 31 passes to 8 different teammates – 4 of whom posted 69+ receiving yards. Even still, Hurts earned the majority of the team's points with his legs; he rushed for 57 yards and two touchdowns.

"I said it earlier, no man is an island, you must draw your strength from others. I can't perform without the other 10 on the field," Hurts said.

"And same on the other side, they need me to do my job for them to eat. So it's a collective group. It was a big team win, a big-time team win."

He stole the show in a game that was slated by fans of both teams alike to be decided by the Eagles' ability or inability to cover the Vikings' dominant third-year wide receiver Justin Jefferson; he had the most receiving yards in a player's first two seasons in NFL history.

Instead, Eagles cornerback Darius Slay had a comparable defensive performance to Hurts' on offense, easily preventing Jefferson from making any impact.

Slay had more interceptions than receptions allowed while the defender was Justin Jefferson. He saw just six targets and one reception while Slay covered him. Compare that to Week 1 – Jefferson had career-high 184 receiving yards plus two touchdowns.

"You know how it always goes – the older you get, the more they think you're falling off. But I ain't one of them guys. I'm still at an elite level. I deserve a lot of respect in this league," said Slay.

Slay ensured it was a quiet game for Jefferson, who he says is his son Darion's favorite wide receiver in the league. He plans to gift Darion the game ball he earned from one of his two interceptions on the night; the other, he already gave it to Philadelphia 76er James Harden, who was in attendance on Monday night.

Despite the team's winning effort led by two captains, Hurts' mindset remains focused on growth; the success sets an elevated expectation within the locker room.

"Like I said, we have a standard for ourselves, and it only rises. A hell of a game tonight. But there's a hell of a lot to learn from," Hurts said.

The team will visit the division-rival Washington Commanders on Sunday after a shortened week of preparation at the NovaCare Complex.

The Eagles beat the Vikings 24-7 in the 2022 home opener at Lincoln Financial Field. Check out some of the top action photos from our team of photographers.

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