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Jackson: We're Not Rebuilding

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson is featured on the cover of the latest issue of *The Sporting News*. The cover story featured photos of a typical day in the off-season for Jackson at the NovaCare Complex as well as an extensive Q-and-A session. Here are some of the highlights from Steve Greenberg's interview.

SN: You're left now with a young team - especially the offensive skill players, all 25 and under. Do you buy the talk that the Eagles are rebuilding?

DJ: "I wouldn't really call it rebuilding. We're so close every year to getting to the Super Bowl. My first year we went all the way to the NFC Championship Game, and last year we made it to the playoffs. No matter what happens, we always find a way to make it to the playoffs. That's the best thing I can say about it. We're always in the competition to be one of the best teams in the NFL. I don't think we lost anything, even with McNabb being gone. Somebody steps out, the next person just has to step in


and do a good job."

SN: Is this your team now? You certainly are its No. 1 star. DJ:
"I wouldn't necessarily call it my team; we have some other veteran guys still who've been here and done some great things. But with my leadership and what I'm able to bring to the field, I know a lot of people look to me to spark the team with big plays. That definitely comes with a lot of hard work and dedication. A lot is expected of me. I have to watch what I do on and off the field all the time, watch what I sat. Like as you see with saying "time for a change" - people can twist your words up and make it more than you meant. I'm not that type of person, I'm never really saying anything negative toward anybody. I wouldn't like anybody saying anything negative about me."

You can read the complete interview in the latest issue of *The Sporting News*.

UPDATE: Bloghead incorrectly attributed the following quote to DeSean Jackson. It was actually said by quarterback Kevin Kolb. We regret the error.

"It's going to be spectacular. With his talent and hopefully my ability to get him the ball in stride and yards after the catch, those types of things - it will be pretty special. I look forward to being around him and both of us being with this team for a long time."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 7:10 p.m., May 7*

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