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Jackson TD An Early Boost

JACKSONVILLE – DeSean Jackson turned around and faced a Jacksonville fan heckling him 40 minutes before Sunday's kickoff. "Where you gonna be when I score?" Jackson asked. "Cause I'm not gonna give you the ball."

Jackson didn't look in that fan's direction after he hauled in a 61-yard touchdown pass from Michael Vick midway through the first quarter on Sunday – why would he with so many Eagles fans at EverBank Field – and instead raced back to the Eagles' bench area, a hot receiver again.

After a quiet first week of the 2010 season, Jackson has been on fire. He caught 4 passes for 135 yards and a touchdown in the 35-32 win at Detroit, and followed that up with a five-catch, 153-yard outing against the Jaguars.

"(The offense) stayed at practice later than usual we just know the opportunity that we have in front of us," Jackson said. "We just want to take it and run with it. We're still early in the season. We just want to go out there and play football and win games. As a whole, I think we're playing pretty good football. We just have to keep it going and put in the hard work like I think we're doing."

The touchdown grab that gave the Eagles a 7-0 lead was a thing of beauty. On a third-and-16 play, Jackson lined up on the right side of the formation, in tight off the right tackle, and then ran a post-corner route, creating separation behind defensive back Michael Coe. Quarterback Michael Vick threw a perfect pass, absolutely perfect, and Jackson made the catch and raced up the right sideline with the ball in his right hand on the way to the end zone.

*-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 8:00 p.m., September 26


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