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Jackson Embraces Being An Entertainer


DeSean Jackson is a man of the people.

Whether it's falling backwards into the end zone against the Dallas Cowboys, soaring in for six against Oakland, running around the goal line at the end of his Miracle at the New Meadowlands or showing Giants fans what he thinks of salsa dancing, Jackson knows how to get the fans talking.

The speedy receiver added to that list of memorable moments on Sunday. After two Packers defenders helped knock the ball up in the air, it fell down perfectly into Jackson's hands. He then turned backwards and casually walked into the end zone for six.

"I just love to play this game," said Jackson. "However it comes out to be, that's what it is. I feel like I'm an entertainer in this sport that I'm in, and in my career I've done some crazy things. I just like to bring the entertainment to the fans. They pay their hard-earned money to come to the games and watch us, so I just want to give them a little extra to watch."

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