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Ingram Ready For Eagles After Knee Injury

Just because Cornelius Ingram played tight end at Florida, a school that utilizes the spread offense, don't assume that he can't block as well.

Sure, it wasn't a skill that necessarily was showcased at Florida, which pushed Ingram to be a vertical threat downfield. But that doesn't mean someone with Ingram's size (6-4, 245 pounds) can't get in someone's way.

"I think I'll definitely be more of a vertical tight end, a receiving tight end because of the style of offense we ran at Florida," Ingram said. "But at the same time, I know I didn't do a whole lot of blocking as far as being a pass tight end because we were so into the spread, (but) I know I can do it. I know I can fit the bill vertically, so I'm just ready to start." Photo Gallery : Cornelius Ingram

The Eagles drafted Ingram in the fifth round out with the 153rd overall pick on Sunday. Despite his immense physical ability, some teams may have been scared off due to an ACL injury in his left knee that caused him to miss his entire senior season.

But Ingram's performance at the Combine seemed to put most of those fears to rest. According to Ingram, his injury occurred when his foot got stuck in the ground as opposed to a vicious hit that may leave a mental scar.

"I think it was more of a mind thing coming off an injury like that," Ingram said. "Nine times out of 10, some guys, it might happen a lot different as far as getting hit a certain way or when I did mine, actually catching the ball. It's more mental."

Ingram originally came to Florida as a quarterback, so Ingram believes he would be an ideal fit if the Eagles choose to run the popular Wildcat formation. The Eagles utilized the formation last year with DeSean Jackson.

"There were a couple teams that mentioned that," Ingram said. "I think it won't be a problem because actually I throw all the time. I went to college as a quarterback so I was always throwing all the time even when the change to go to tight end (happened). Running the ball came natural because I did that a lot in high school. I'm just happy and blessed to be in this position."

Ingram was considered to be the best athlete in the Gators' program, which is no small feat considering that Florida won the 2008 BCS National Championship.

Following the 2007 season in which Ingram caught 34 passes for 508 yards and seven touchdowns, he declared for the NFL Draft. He later changed his mind and went back to Florida before blowing out his knee.

The Eagles gave Ingram his shot to keep playing football.

"I'm just looking forward to the opportunity," Ingram said. "It's almost like a perfect fit."

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