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ILB Ryans Deserves Pro Bowl Nod

DeMeco Ryans added to an already-superb season Sunday at Lambeau Field, finishing the afternoon with 13 combined tackles and an interception.

Just how good of a season is Ryans having? According to former Eagles Pro Bowl linebacker Ike Reese, Ryans' season is nothing short of Pro Bowl-worthy.

"DeMeco Ryans - if this guy is not in the Pro Bowl this year, that is a great injustice," Reese said on the Post Game Show presented by Ricoh. "I don't know if there is a better middle linebacker who is playing as solid as this guy has played over the last month."

This year, fans can help send the Eagles to the Pro Bowl. There is no longer a designation for AFC and NFC. The unconferenced Pro Bowl means the best players go, period. And Reese believes Ryans is in that category.

"DeMeco was known for being a playmaker back in his days at Houston when he was a lot younger. You get a little bit older and you don't expect the middle linebacker to be around the football when it's in the air as much, but this speaks to the intelligence of DeMeco Ryans in there as a middle linebacker," Ryans said. "It doesn't just happen by happenstance that he found himself around the football. He's always in the area of where the ball is at, and that's the mark of an intelligent football player, and guys like that last a long time in this league, and we're lucky to have DeMeco Ryans here as our middle linebacker and the captain of this defense."

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