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How Will Redskins Game Plan For McCoy?

LeSean McCoy filled out the stat sheet in the Eagles' Monday night opener against Washington. As the Eagles unveiled Chip Kelly's offense to the NFL, McCoy ran wild to the tune of 184 yards, 5.9 yards per carry and a touchdown in the Eagles' 33-27 victory.

On Wednesday, the Eagles back said that he expects a different look from Washington's defense this time around, though he's not quite sure exactly how they will play him.

"A lot has changed since game one," McCoy said. "We don't really look at that game and think we're going to have the same results. We're going to watch tape and get the game plan together and be ready to execute on Sunday. A lot of teams are trying to stack the box and want us to win the game by throwing the ball, and we're doing that. I'm curious to see how they play us and what type of different stunts they pull."

As McCoy looks to recreate his performance from the first matchup with Washington, he can also take a lot away from his most recent game against the Green Bay Packers, one in which he ran for 155 yards. Not only did the offensive line help open things up for McCoy, but his quarterback did as well.

"There were a lot more lanes to run (through)," said McCoy. "There were tons of one-on-one opportunities, and I felt like I made the best of them. I think also that it's the passing that we've been doing lately. I think teams have to account for that - going up top and the way Nick Foles is playing has a lot to do with it also."

Having a quarterback throw 10 touchdown passes without an interception in a two-game span will definitely open things up for the Eagles running game, and according to McCoy, Foles' ability to step in and deliver is a luxury that most NFL teams don't have.

"It means a lot for this offense," McCoy said of Foles' play. "Where Mike left off, Nick has kind of followed his path and his footsteps and making plays. Just to have two guys that come in and play like starters is big for us. A lot of teams, when their starter goes down, the offense goes down. In Philadelphia, that's not the case."

Foles isn't the only one who has helped alleviate pressure from the Eagles' ground attack. McCoy also credited the recent play of the Eagles defense as to why he's been more effective as a runner and why the entire offense has picked up its production.

"Every series, it's not like we have to score, where you're pressing and pressing," explained McCoy. "We're just going out there and playing ball. We know that if there is a mistake, the defense can kind of have our backs and cover for us."

A win on Sunday would not only put the Eagles into sole possession of first place in the NFC East by a half-game over Dallas, but it would also snap the team's 10-game losing streak at home. Though the streak isn't something that gets a lot of attention in the locker room, McCoy believes that Eagles fans deserve to see the team win.

"As a team, we don't really talk about it," McCoy said. "We just want to go out and play the game and win some games. I wish I had the answer to tell you why we can't win at home, but I think this week (we have) the same preparation that we had last week, so hopefully it's the same result at the end of the game.

"We have to find a way to get it done. I think it's only right to the fans who pay their hard-earned money to watch us play. They see that type of efforts on the television in away games, and they want to see that same type of effort at home."

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