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How Will Eagles Tender Restricted Free Agents?

Dave Spadaro took an in-depth look at each of the Eagles' soon-to-be free agents.

It looks more and more certain that there will be no extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in time for this off-season, so eight Eagles who would normally be unrestricted free agents will now only be restricted free agents - fullback Leonard Weaver, wide receiver Jason Avant, cornerback Ellis Hobbs, center/guard Nick Cole, tight end Alex Smith, linebacker Omar Gaither, guard Max Jean-Gilles and linebacker Chris Gocong. The Eagles also have two other players - punter Sav Rocca and linebacker Akeem Jordan - who are going to be restricted free agents no matter what happens with the CBA.

Will the Eagles offer the one-year tender to all 10 of these players? Will the Eagles try to work out a long-term deal with some of the players? How much does the labor unrest dictate what the Eagles do?

What will be interesting is to see how the Eagles tender the restricted free agents. Restricted free agents can still negotiate with other teams beginning March 5, which is the beginning of free agency. The original team has the right to match any offer given to the player. If the original team chooses not to match the offer, it can potentially receive draft picks as compensation. The draft picks received as compensation depends on the level of the tender given. Of course, the tender amount goes up if a team wants a good draft pick(s) as compensation.

Will the Eagles apply the low tender, which would net the team a draft pick in the round the player was originally chosen, and let another team set the market for a long-term deal and simply match whatever offer comes along? Will the Eagles place the highest tender, one that would net a first-round *and *a third-round pick as compensation, to send the message that the player is going nowhere?

Here's a breakdown of the tender levels for the restricted free agents. The tender offers have to be made by March 4 or the player becomes an unrestricted free agent:

Tender Levels For Players With 3 Years Experience
Level Of CompensationAmount
Original Round Drafted$1.101 million
Second-Round Pick$1.684 million
First-Round Pick$2.396 million
First-Round And A Third-Round$3.043 million

Tender Levels For Players With 4 Years Experience
Level Of CompensationAmount
Original Round Drafted$1.176 million
Second-Round Pick$1.759 million
First-Round Pick$2.521 million
First-Round And A Third-Round$3.168 million

Tender Levels For Players With 5 Years Experience
Level Of CompensationAmount
Original Round Drafted$1.226 million
Second-Round Pick$1.849 million
First-Round Pick$2.621 million
First-Round And A Third-Round$3.268 million

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 10:45 a.m., February 16

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