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How The 2011 McNabb Pick Can Become A 3rd-Rounder

By now, everyone knows the terms of the Donovan McNabb trade to Philadelphia. The former Eagles stalwart was sent to the division-rival Washington Redskins in exchange for a second-round pick in the upcoming NFL draft (37th overall) and a fourth-round pick in 2011 that can become a third-rounder.

But what exactly are the conditions under which that future fourth-rounder can be bumped up to the third-round?

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that only one of the following two conditions must be met in order for the draft pick to become a third-round selection.

1. McNabb goes to the Pro Bowl

2. McNabb plays 70 percent of the snaps in Washington and the Redskins win at least nine games.

McNabb went to the Pro Bowl following the 2009 season and has made the all-star game six times in his career.

The fun part of these parameters? Eagles fans can help the team out by voting for McNabb - presumably along with Kevin Kolb - during next year's balloting process.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 5:21 p.m., April 6

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