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How Did Second Round Affect Kolb Suitors?

Before the second night of the draft, we took a look at which quarterback-needy teams could be in the hypothetical market for 's services whenever player trades are allowed this offseason. With several quarterback prospects still available heading into the second round, we knew that some teams might bow out of the Kolb's-right-arm race by committing to a different promising young quarterback. So what went down? Let's take a look

Arizona Cardinals - Did not select a quarterback, opting instead to bolster the backfield with the selection of Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams. The Cardinals remain a likely suitor.

Buffalo Bills - The Bills also passed on a quarterback on the second day of the draft, though they appear to have faith short-term in veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick. They're a possibility, albeit a long-shot one.

Cincinnati Bengals - With the selection of Andy Dalton as the 35th overall pick, the Bengals essentially bowed out of the Kolb sweepstakes and blinked in their game of chicken with Carson Palmer, who has threatened retirement if he's not traded or released from the Bengals.

Cleveland Browns - The Browns' brass of familiar faces to Eagles fans passed on quarterbacks as well, committing their picks to the defensive line and wide receiver. Colt McCoy remains the likely starter in Cleveland moving forward.

Miami Dolphins - Chad Henne is still the nominal No. 1 quarterback in Miami, as the Dolphins chose not to add another quarterback to their roster in the second round. The Dolphins' confidence in Henne wavered late last season when they replaced him with Chad Pennington, so they remain a potential match for Kolb.

Oakland Raiders - No quarterback for the Raiders on day two of the draft, though they still have Jason Campbell on the roster as a capable starter. It's possible they remain a Kolb coveter, though the quarterback doesn't fit the mold of the traditional Al Davis quarterback.

San Francisco 49ers - Jim Harbaugh hitched his quarterback of the future ride on Nevada's Colin Kaepernick with the fourth pick of the second round. Kaepernick is a mobile, strong-armed quarterback who will require some development behind Alex Smith, but you can probably cross the Niners off the list of potential Kolb landing spots.

Seattle Seahawks - This will come down to Pete Carroll's level of confidence in Charlie Whitehurst. The Seahawks have spent their only two picks thus far on the offensive line and appear committed to improving their running game moving forward. They reportedly were smitten with Kolb last offseason, so it's very possible that Kolb could one day reap the benefits of a revamped Seahawks offensive line.

Washington Redskins - Still no quarterback for the Redskins, who still have Donovan McNabb under contract, despite an ostensibly untenable relationship with the former Eagle. It remains unlikely that the Redskins would look to an Eagles quarterback for the second straight offseason, but they have few options at the position currently beyond McNabb - namely Rex Grossman.

Of course, the Eagles are in no hurry to move Kolb, as they value the enviable position of having a starting-caliber quarterback as the backup to a superstar like Michael Vick. But there's no question that this will be a story to watch in the coming months.

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