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Hobbs Spreading Holiday Spirit

As we reflect on what's important this holiday season, one Eagle continues to do his part for others away from the cameras. Cornerback Ellis Hobbs, who is currently on injured reserve after suffering a neck injury for the second consecutive season, was spotted last weekend at a South Philadelphia Toys R Us paying for strangers' presents.

"When you're blessed, you should bless others," Hobbs said, when he joined during last week's Post-Game Show presented by Ricoh. "And even when you're not blessed, you should still bless others. I've been given a great opportunity to do what I do and I play this game of football because I love it and it just so happens that I get paid a lot of money to do it ... It's an entertainment business and it's globalized, it's one of those things where I just feel like there are a lot of people out there who don't have what I have or are unfortunate, (have fallen) down on hard times. So whether it was a Toys R Us, paying for people's items or paying for somebody's gas, every little bit helps.

"People were actually trying to give me money once they found out what I was doing in there, they thought I was actually trying to rally up people, but I simply told them, 'Pay it forward.' That's really all I'm trying to get out of it - not the publicity, not the self accolades or anything like that. I just want people to understand that there's a lot of fear in this world and people are scared of one another and it's unfortunate, but if one person can touch another and show them that it's ok to touch one another, it goes a long ways. Obviously, I didn't think that this would get the buzz or stir that it's been made into, but if it stays positive, then by all means, let it ride."

Inspiring words from a hard-nosed player whose career may be coming to a close. Hobbs, 27, is reportedly considering retirement as a result of the neck injury. He addressed those rumors as well.

"I'm very pleased with my career up to this point," Hobbs said. "I've had my ups and downs and victories and losses. With that injury that I took, it's one of those things where you just step back for a second and you start appreciating the things around you. By no means have we made an official statement of retirement or anything like that, but right now I'm on injured reserve, (I) can't do anything about it and we'll leave it at that. We'll talk to the doctors in (about four weeks). We'll evaluate it from there. Will I need surgery, will I not? I don't know.

"Hopefully, something will shake next year. But if it doesn't, then I'm totally fine with that. I'm financially well. I'm happy. I'm blessed. I have my family, great support and there's nothing else I can ask for."

Players, and people, like Hobbs are hard to come by. Here's hoping the best for Hobbs' future, and, most of all, that we follow his example.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 9:42 a.m., December 25

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