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Herremans Practices With Scout Team

Todd Herremans continued his progress in returning from a stress reaction in his foot on Friday by practicing with the scout team. It's the first time that Herremans has lined up against defenders since training camp in August.

"Everything felt good," Herremans said. "Felt like I expected it to. My ankle's still a little tired, but we're working through that, getting it in shape right now and it'll be good to get this rest this weekend. Then, get it scanned on Tuesday, see what it says, and then hopefully we're full-go next week."

Herremans is hoping to get positive feedback on Tuesday that will allow him to suit up for the first time in 2009 next Monday night in the Eagles' NFC East opener against the Washington Redskins.

"I'm excited," Herremans said. "I think it's good that it's a Monday night game because I'll always take an extra day of rest, especially since we're getting the scan on Tuesday. An extra day is always good just to get my ankle rested up a little more and get ready to play."

Herremans will not travel with the team to Oakland this weekend.

"I'm kind of glad that I'm not traveling out to Oakland this weekend just because it's hard enough standing on the sidelines for home games, watching everybody out there having a blast," he said. "You feel kind of left out because you know you're usually in there having fun. But I didn't really want to take a sis-hour trip to stand there and do the same thing."

But come 4 PM (EST) Sunday, Herremans will be watching intently.

"I'm just going to stick around here, ice my foot, (lie) in my chamber, and keep healing," Herremans said.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 1:02 p.m., October 16

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