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Herremans Makes Most Of TD Chance

ARLINGTON, Tx. --Todd Herremans is two for two as a receiver. The Eagles pulled out the ole' tackle-eligible play against the Cowboys on Sunday night and the play worked just as the coaches drew it up as Herremans cradled a Michael Vick pass for a touchdown.

As he did in 2008 at Seattle, Herremans lined up on the right side of the formation and slid out to open space in the end zone. Vick rolled to his right and held the ball, waiting for traffic to clear, and then he put a perfect throw in Herremans' chest for the 2-yard touchdown.

Herremans turned and spiked the ball, hard, as he did in Seattle. Then he went back to being a grunt for the remainder of the night against the Cowboys' outstanding front four.

"I've been telling the coaches I'm a threat in the red zone," said Herremans, laughing. "I was just glad for the chance. I ran my route and Mike threw me a nice, soft pass to catch. It was fun. I will do it anytime they want me to score a touchdown."

Head coach Andy Reid said that Herremans was actually the fourth progression on the play. Vick looked and looked and saw the space around Herremans clear.

"Michael made it easy for Todd," said Reid.

The touchdown was the second successful trip into the red zone for the Eagles, who opened the game with a 6-play, 73-yard drive. On the very first play from scrimmage, Vick rolled left and threw back to the right for 60 yards to DeSean Jackson, and the Eagles were in the red zone at the Dallas 13-yard line. The Eagles converted a fourth-and-1 play on LeSean McCoy's 3-yard gain to the 1-yard line, and then Vick, who lined up in the shotgun, followed tight end Brent Celek into the end zone for a 7-0 lead.

The Eagles rolled up 429 yards of offense and went two of four in the red zone. Herremans play was a big one in a game of swings and critical moments. And is keeping hands soft, just in case the chance to score a touchdown comes along again in the next couple of seasons.

-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 12:18 a.m., December 13

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