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Headlines: Parkey's Famous Kicks

Good morning, Eagles fans! It's a cold one out there today; we suggest frequent doses of hot chocolate and as many socks as you can find. And to go with those socks, you can scroll down for our latest batch of headlines, including a story about a certain kicker's now-famous shoes ...


After a record-setting year, kicker Cody Parkey is sending some swag to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Eagles' defensive line had a breakout 2014, but the front three are just getting started.

A look back at late 70s defensive end Claude Humphrey, and where the former Eagle is now.

We've got 84 days until the 2015 NFL Draft, and we're counting down the days with some stats from this year.


Not following @philadelphiaeagles on Instagram? You should be, but here's what you missed this past season ...


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The Eagles' pass rush was relentless in 2014. Can it be even better next year?

Rounding up the latest mock drafts from all over the football-crazed internet.

Just how close are the Eagles to being Super Bowl contenders?

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