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Headlines: Darren Sproles Lends A Hand

Happy Friday, Eagles fans! We're just a day away from that glorious weekend, which you'll undoubtedly fill with pick-up football games and seven-round mock drafts of your own. To get your weekend jumpstarted, check out the latest batch of headlines about your favorite football team ...


What's the latest free agency buzz sounding like over on the Rumor Mill?

Dave Spadaro re-watched Super Bowl XXXIX this week, and he discusses the emotions of that amazing, gut-wrenching game.

We'll give you three hints and a baby picture. Can you guess who this Eagle is?

With 83 days until the NFL Draft, find out which Eagle piled up 83 tackles this season.


On February 6, 2005, the Eagles faced off with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, Florida ...


Other Views

Running back Darren Sproles is helping out a teenager with a stutter just like his own.

The 10 best sack dances from around the NFL? Vinny Curry and Mychal Kendricks both make the cut.

The mock drafts never end. This time, ESPN's Todd McShay has the Eagles taking a safety.

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