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Headlines: Catching Up With Darren Sproles

Good morning, all you Eagles fans! Just 77 days until the NFL Draft. Think about it -- that's just 11 weeks. Or 11 touchdowns. Take your pick. Either way, you can spend some of that time reading up on your Birds with the latest headlines ...


Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro tells us what he thinks about mock drafts, and how much weight they hold in February.

After spending 10 excellent years with the Eagles, where is linebacker Frank LeMaster now?

With 77 days until the NFL Draft, see if you can guess which Eagle piled up 77 tackles this season.


Not following @philadelphiaeagles on Instagram? You should be, but here's what you missed this past season ...


Other Views

A few free agency notes to mull over as we inch closer to March.

Catching up with Darren Sproles and talking about his experience during the Super Bowl week.

After a solid 2014, linebacker Brandon Graham could see some interest from other teams this offseason.

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