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Headlines: Barwin, Matthews On The Rise

Good morning, Eagles fans! We're officially under 80 days until the NFL Draft; those calendar pages are flying faster than we can count. If you're as eager as we are, you'll want to read today's Draft countdown, along with the rest of today's headlines ...


How well do you know tight end special teams master James Casey? Not well enough? Fixed that for you.

With 79 days left until the NFL Draft, find out which team the Eagles have beaten 79 times.

Dave Spadaro ruminates on how the Eagles' offense can tidy up its act for the 2015 season.


Taking a look back at safety Malcolm Jenkins's first season as a Philadelphia Eagle.


Other Views

The NFL Players Inc. unveiled its "Rising 50", a list of rising stars around the league. Guess where and Jordan Matthews landed?

Taking a look at the growth of defensive coordinator Bill Davis's unit in his second year in charge of the defense.

Sneaking a peek at the state of the Eagles' offensive line heading into the offseason.

Taking another shot at mocking the 2015 NFL Draft, with an Eagles slant.

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