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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments: "Alright, injuries here – (DE Juqua Parker) has a high ankle sprain, which he's had, and he'll have limited action today, if any. (DE) Trent Cole won't practice, but is making progress with a calf strain. (DT) Cullen Jenkins has a triceps strain and probably won't do much today. (T) Jason Peters won't practice today with a hamstring strain. (S) Jarrad Page had an episode with a stinger during the game and so he'll be limited today too. We look forward to the opportunity of playing the Redskins down in Washington. They're a very good football team. Obviously, statistically much improved from last year, and those stats are the truth. They're playing good football."

On how you work on tackling with the way the rules for practice are set up: "You work the fundamentals every day, that's what we do. You just can't take people to the ground right now, but you work the angles and pursuit lines and so on."

On the report that Eric Mangini was contacted and offered a position as a defensive consultant: "No, that's not true."

On whether anyone was offered a defensive consultant job: "I didn't offer it to anybody. That was all fabricated."

On whether he has been in contact with anyone about defensive consulting: "I wasn't in touch with anybody. Nobody, nothing, zero."

On why he thinks he is the right man to lead the Eagles: "Well listen, I am the head coach of the football team and so I take full responsibility for how we played, and we're all going to work hard and get better, including myself. We do this thing as a football team and that's how we operate."

On how to turn things around: "You coach your players up, you let your players play, and that's what you do. We've got to do better at both. We all have improvement to make. During the tough times you always go back, again, and reemphasize the fundamentals, and make sure that you're putting the players in a good position to make plays. I've got a great group of guys in the locker room, and good football players, and we've got good coaches. That's a good start to get a turnaround."

On whether he is as surprised as the people in this town that the team is in this situation, given all of the talent in the locker room: "I completely understand how the fans feel, I mean, I understand that. One thing that I can say is we're working hard to get it fixed and win some games."

On whether he worries about the team defensively and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo's ability to fix it: "Let me explain that to you real quick. When you have five turnovers you have a six percent chance of winning a football game. Simple. When you're gaining 500 yards of offense and the other team is not, you've got to take care of business. Now listen, both sides of the ball need to do better, absolutely do better. We've got to take care of little things, everybody's got to do their job a little bit better, we've got to put the players in a better position to make plays. That's what we have to do. We're all in it together doing this thing. Both sides of the ball and special teams. We need to block better on special teams. We've got two good returners, we need to make sure we put those guys in the right position to get their blocks. Simple."

On whether S Kurt Coleman will replace the injured Page: "Yeah, both Kurt and (S Jaiquawn Jarrett) will take reps in there."

On what caused the defensive improvement in the second half of the Bills game: "I think it was an all-around joint effort there, just on the things that I'm seeing. I think everybody did their job a little bit better, coaches and players. That's how it works."

On how C Jason Kelce graded out: "He did some good things."

On Kelce's development through five games: "He's done a nice job. He's getting better. Are there a couple snaps he'd like to have back? Yeah, I'd say that. We've all got a few things we would like to do a little bit better. You've got to give the kid credit, he's a very good athlete, tough kid, and works very hard."

On how you fix the turnovers in practice: "It's everybody doing their job just a little bit better. Coaches calling the right plays, putting the guys in the right position, players making the plays when they have an opportunity, guys blocking, catching, running the right routes, all those things. Everybody's got a little piece of that pie."

On scaling back: "Keep going forward, that's what we do."

On whether he saw some players on defense not giving a full effort: "I actually saw guys flying around making tackles."

On the effort: "The effort was very good, yeah."

On whether there is any chance Jenkins will not play this Sunday: "I think he'll play."

On whether there is any chance that CB Joselio Hanson will be used more in nickel: "We use him periodically throughout the game; it just depends on the personnel group."

On whether S Nate Allen is starting to trust himself more physically: "I think so. I think that's probably accurate. I'll tell you, he had probably his best game as a Philadelphia Eagle. He made a lot of big tackles, drove on routes. Did a nice job."

On why the defense can't create turnovers: "Well, we had one in the game, so we'll keep it rolling here and continue to get better at that."

On how he would describe the morale of the team right now: "I think the morale is good. Now listen, guys want to get better. Are they walking around happy-go-lucky? No, but they want to get better and they're working doing that, as we all are."

On whether the linebackers will stay the same this week: "Yes."

On how G Danny Watkins graded out: "Danny did some good things. He stepped in and did some good things. Again, I'll tell you the same thing, are there a couple plays he'd like to have back? Yeah, but for the most part he did a nice job, especially for his first start."

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