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Harris: Defense Hungry After Raiders Loss

Head coach Andy Reid brought his players in for a team meeting and film study on Wednesday after last week's loss to the Raiders. The defense only surrendered 13 points, but there was an 86-yard touchdown that they allowed which turned out to be the difference.

Rookie free safety Macho Harris said that his teammates on the defensive side of the football were ""hungry"" to get back on the field after watching the film. On that touchdown allowed to tight end Zach Miller, Harris blitzed along with Akeem Jordan on the play. Harris said that if he was in coverage he would have made sure the touchdown didn't happen.

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott has been quite liberal with his blitzing of the rookie, who played cornerback at Virginia Tech. That suits Harris just fine.

"The way I see it, they're using my talent the best way they can to help the team," Harris said. "I love stuff like this. I live for this. I thank God for the opportunity."

The first rookie to start at safety on opening day since Wes Hopkins in 1983, Harris has 22 tackles and a QB hurry this season. His favorite blitz call is called ""Bombers"" because it forces Harris to bring a certain mindset to the play.

"It's basically a blitz coming straight up the middle. I like that because at first when you're coming up at the line, you line up 6 yards deep, and everything is congested in the middle. Then all of a sudden, it opens up," Harris said. "It gives you a chance to be physical. You know when you're coming up on the line, someone might peel off and block you. You know you have to come with it, just getting your mentality right."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:17 p.m., October 25

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