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Goodell Discusses Vick Situation On Radio

On "Mad Dog Unleashed" on SIRIUS XM Radio, host Chris "Mad Dog" Russo spoke with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about a number of topics, including Eagles QB Michael Vick.

Russo: "I know [Eagles owner Jeffrey] Lurie had some issues, he had some reservations about bringing Vick in. I know you were very encouraging to these owners to give him a chance. Did you have conversations with Jeff about the pluses of giving Vick a second opportunity here before he signed with the Eagles?"

Goodell: "Yes, I talked to Jeff and, frankly, I've talked to other owners in advance of the decision as people were making their decision. They were interested in my perspective having met with him for a period of time and I was happy to share that with them so, yes, I talked to Jeff and I talked to other club officials."

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