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G Shelley Smith Scouting Report

G Shelley Smith, Colorado State
Pos. Rank: 7 Grade: 4th Round Height: 6-3 Weight: 300 40: 5.03 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Athletic lineman who possesses a good degree of upside potential. Quick off the snap, moves well on his feet, and shows skill blocking in motion. Redirects to linebackers on the second level, and can hit a moving target. Strong in his upper body, shows ability as a position blocker, and rides defenders from their angle of attack.

The Bad: Lacks balance, bends at the waist, and does too much catching of opponents rather than finishing blocks. Gets tall in his stance as the play proceeds. Struggled with injuries part of the past two seasons.

The Verdict: Smith is a nice-sized athlete, who has the basic tools to play on the NFL level. He must improve his strength, block with better knee bend, and stay healthy to ever make a final roster.

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