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G Mike Iupati Scouting Report

G Mike Iupati, Idaho
Pos. Rank: 1 Grade: 1st Round Height: 6-5 Weight: 331 40: 5.54 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Large, athletic blocker with a tremendous amount of upside potential. Quickly gets into blocks, immediately gets his hands up, and easily anchors at the point of attack. Blocks with good lean, gets underneath defenders and turns them off the line or gets movement run blocking. Fluid in motion, gets out to the second level and easily adjusts to hit moving targets. Keeps his feet moving, displays the ability to slide laterally, and effective in space. Stays square and keeps opponents in front of him. Overwhelms defenders driving them off the line or engulfs them altogether. Effectively picks up stunts or blitzes and works well with teammates. Easily handles quick or athletic opponents.

The Bad: Must improve his blocking balance. Tends to do too much thinking or tries to out-guess defenders.

The Verdict: Iupati is a terrific prospect whose best football is ahead of him. He's been a dominant guard yet has the body type to get consideration for one of two tackle positions. Time may be needed for Iupati to get accustomed to the NFL, yet he has legitimate starting potential at the next level.

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